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Sonya Shikhman

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Ms. Shikhman began her career in criminal defence law even before entering law school by working for various prominent criminal defence lawyers in Toronto. After completing Osgoode Hall Law School, Ms. Shikhman was tapped to join the firm as an articling student in 2006 where she quickly excelled, continuing on as an associate and until her becoming a partner.  Ms. Shikhman is a past Adjunct Professor in the Masters of Law program at Ukraine’s University of Shevchenko and is a current instructor in the International Criminal Appellate Advocacy at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Ms. Shikhman practices in the area of criminal litigation and has appeared in all levels of court in Ontario. Ms. Shikhman manages a large roster of cases spanning all areas of the Criminal Code and has conducted a number of high profile murder trials (see media page). Ms. Shikhman has developed an extraordinary reputation for tenacious cross-examination and acted in many precedent-setting cases, particularly in the field of impaired driving, contentious sexual assault trials, and the criminal defence of drug cases.

Ms. Shikhman travels annually to different countries such as England, Russia, Ukraine, and Indonesia to judge the Jessup Competition where participants present arguments on issues of International Public Law, and judges the International Rounds of the same competition in Washington, D.C.

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